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Construction of hydraulic structures

ГЭС.jpgHydraulic structures are artificial structures, the purpose of which is to use natural waters or to prevent the harmful effects of natural waters on construction sites and landscaped areas. When constructing structures of this type, it is necessary to pay great attention to the protection of soils from erosion, to organize a good drainage system, and to strengthen the coast. DORNIT geotextiles from TECHNOPLAST are well suited for all these tasks..

DORNIT geotextile used in the construction of hydraulic engineering facilities allows solving a huge range of tasks. In particular, DORNIT allows to strengthen the coast, to separate the construction fill and soil materials, and to form a strong filtration layer.

DORNIT geotextile is a versatile material, the use of which in hydraulic engineering helps to save engineers and builders from a number of additional procedures.

The advantages of using DORNIT geotextiles:

  • it allows you to reliably strengthen the coastline
  • it creates a strong filtration layer
  • it carefully separates soil materials from the construction fill
  • it prevents damage to waterproofing
  • it removes ground water
  • it prevents and stops water erosion of slopes in conditions of lower water levels

This structure of the landfill base prevents the emission of toxic substances and isolates the lower soil layers from solid waste. DORNIT not only prevents the penetration of contaminants, but also protects against the penetration of rodents, interferes with their life. A protective structure with a similar base fully complies with modern environmental requirements.