AVTEX geofabric
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AVTEX geofabric

In the production of TECHNOPLAST AVTEX nonwoven needle-punched geofabric, polyester fibers of different thicknesses and densities are used.

High frost resistance, mechanical strength, durability and elasticity are characteristic features of geofabrics with a polyester base. Polyester is one of the most resilient materials and can stretch up to 40%.

AVTEX geofabric is used as a base for roofing materials and increases their strength. Modern roofing material with polyester as a base is resistant to various types of salts, alkalis and acids.

AVTEX geofabric is stretchable and is used as a base for bitum-polymer materials.

AVTEX geofabric is also used in the production of tufted coatings. The tufting process is the process of creating textiles, and in particular carpets, on specialized multi-spindle sewing machines. In these machines, hundreds of needles stitch the bundles of yarn through a backing called a primary warp. In the role of this base, depending on the required characteristics of the coating, AVTEX polyester geofabric is often used.

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