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TECHNOPLAST LLC in the Vladimir region produces nonwoven needle-punched fabrics using a full cycle technology, from the processing of raw materials into a finished product. Since the launch of the complex, 6 technological lines of Italian and Chinese production have been put into operation, a full-fledged production complex has been created.

Secondary raw materials in the form of PET bottles on the flex line are processed and supplied to the polyester fiber line.

The PET bottle recycling line processes 27 tons of bottles per day, 800 tons per month or 9.6 thousand tons per year. We produce 1,100 tons of polyester fiber per month or 13,200 tons per year. DORNIT geotextiles with a density of 100 to 600 g/m² are produced on 3 Italian needle-punched lines around the clock. Our company produces up to 235 thousand square meters of geotextiles per day, which is 7 million square meters per month or about 84 million square meters of geotextiles per year.

Competitive advantages of DORNIT geotextiles::    

  1. Hard wind of the material
  2. Packing in shrink film
  3. Palletizing of finished products
  4. Full quality control at all stages of production
  5. Production and shipment of geotextiles 24/7