Polyester fiber
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Polyester fiber

TECHNOPLAST is a polyester fiber manufacturer with equipment for recycling PET waste (from a plastic bottle to PET-flakes and from them to PE fiber). Our own line and raw material base allow us to control the entire production process and guarantee the required quality of PE fiber. Flexible configuration of the equipment makes it possible to produce polyester fiber with the characteristics required by the customer.

Basic qualities of TECHNOPLAST polyester fiber:

  • Resistance to light weather, solvents, mold, microorganisms, insects, etc.
  • Excellent heat resistance, low thermal conductivity - in this indicator, PE fiber surpasses most natural and chemical fibers
  • High resiliency - this allows you to produce products that retain their shape well
  • With a low weight, PE-fiber has more abrasion resistance and tensile strength than natural fiber.
  • Low water absorption

Our polyester fiber is certified according to GOST (certificate number: РОСС RU.АИ32.H02809 dated 01.28.2014).