Construction of landfills
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Construction of landfills

Полигон - геотекстиль Дорнит

During the construction of solid waste landfills, the base of the landfill is of primary importance, which must provide protection against the penetration of harmful substances into the lower layers of the soil. Bitum barriers, which were used for this earlier, in modern construction of facilities are being replaced by DORNIT, an effective and cost-effective nonwoven geotextile for these purposes.

The main advantages of using DORNIT geotextiles from TECHNOPLAST:
  • resistance to biological influences
  • high level of resistance to the effects of toxic filtrate
  • absolute non-toxicity of the geomaterial
  • practically unlimited service life of the nonwoven fabric during the disposal of both inert and chemically active substances.
The protective base of the solid waste landfill consists of 5 filtering or waterproofing layers:
  • gravel or a mixture of gravel and sand
  • DORNIT - separating layer
  • sand - filter layer
  • geomembrane - waterproofing layer
  • soil or clay – geobarrier
After that, the base is ready for backfilling with solid household waste.