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Due to its low cost and ease of installation, DORNIT geotextiles are used for landscaping and landscape design.

Geotextile DORNIT by TECHNOPLAST can be used in a suburban area for the following purposes:

  • to protect plants from drought
  • for the construction of work and play areas
  • to limit the growth of roots of trees and shrubs
  • to create garden paths
  • to create artificial reservoirs
  • to protect plants from weeds

Geotextile is able to effectively fight the growing of wild plants on the territory. Increased material overlap is required for effective use. After that, the growth of grass and shrubs can be stopped completely.

DORNIT geotextiles are also used to separate the lower (fertile) soil layer from the upper (depleted) layer, as well as to organize the correct growth of the root system. A well-laid geotextile makes the roots grow deeper and not grow through the drainage pipes, branching out to the sides.

The arrangement of garden paths is another good way to use DORNIT geotextiles, since this material reliably prevents crushed stone from being pressed into the ground. If geotextiles are laid between the bottom layer of crushed stone and the top layer of sand, then this will reliably insure the sand from seeping into the crushed stone layer.

The advantages of using DORNIT geotextiles in landscape works:

  • promotes minor digging due to the small thickness of the structure
  • prevents mixing of fertile and depleted layers
  • prevents washing out and contamination of fertile soil and the penetration of roots into infertile layers
  • prevents the growing of weeds