Oil and gas sector
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Oil and gas sector

геотекстиль нефтегазовая отрасль

The key role in the Russian economy is played by the oil and gas industry, whose infrastructure uses the most modern technologies and materials that ensure the best functionality of the fields and the safe and efficient transportation of oil and gas.

The operational capabilities of geotextiles have long been used in modern oil and gas construction. The greatest efficiency from their use is achievable in the difficult climatic conditions of the Far North, although in the middle zone of the Russian Federation the use is quite justified.

When laying a pipeline, the use of DORNIT geotextile from TECHNOPLAST creates a separation layer between the pipe material and the protective structure of the liner. Such protection is able to reliably insure the pipeline against mechanical damage, since soil particles simply will not be able to get to the pipe surface. A protective layer is also required if pipeline corrosion protection is organized using other geomaterials. A durable layer of DORNIT is not damaged when ground particles rub against it, providing protection to the functional waterproofing layer from damage.

Advantages of using DORNIT geotextiles in pipeline construction:

  • ensures the safety of the pipeline insulation coating and ballasting structures

  • helps to preserve the properties of crushed stone

  • significantly reduces the draft of the structure

  • prevents soil leaching in the pipeline area and prevents the formation of bottom erosion

  • protects against clogging and corrosion

  • provides stability of pipelines position

  • irreplaceable in the manufacture of structures for ballasting pipelines, since its use increases the quality of construction by 1.5 times