Tunnel construction
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Tunnel construction

A strong and reliable system of reinforcing is at the heart of every tunnel construction project of any complexity. The safety of the inner space and the surface above it is the most important component of the construction of the tunnel.

Geotextile DORNIT provides high strength values of the insulating layer and protection from damage by concrete slabs and filler with sharp edges.

TECHNOPLAST DORNIT needle-punched non-woven geotextile is also an important component of the drainage system, which removes rain and groundwater, with effective filtration from the ingress of fine soil particles and sand. At the same time, the functionality of the drainage system is preserved, and the reliability and strength of the entire structure increases significantly.
DORNIT used in conjunction with an insulating layer prevents this insulation from being damaged by sharp rock elements.

Advantages of using DORNIT geotextiles for tunnel construction:

  • protects insulating coatings from damage by a rough concrete surface and from damage by sharp aggregate
  • reduces stress between concrete finish and rock
  • diverts ground and rain water to drainage
  • provides strength and durability of tunnel structures